Microblading and PMU

Ngày và giờ: Sunday, February 04 - :00

Địa điểm: 5338 Jonesboro Rd, Norcross, GA - 30260

Thông tin:

We are very excited to announce that registration for the next Microblading and PMU course on February 4-6 is officially open.

By joining this special course you will learn everything you need to know to start learn :
- Hand techniques from basic to advance :Microblading,manuals shading,ombré Microblading.
- Old tattoo removal and color corrections.
- Advances permanent make up:eyeliner,lip,lip liner.
If you are interested please sign up at 404-788-2423 to save your spot since space is limited
This special program will be held at our new location: Lovett Beauty School 2 (see below for more details)

PS: registration for Microblading and PMU course on January is officially closed, all the seats are filled.
We hope to see you soon!

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