3D Microblading & Manual Shading

Ngày và giờ: Monday, August 13 - :00

Địa điểm: 5388 Jonesboro Rd.,, Lake Park, GA - 30260

Thông tin:

We are very exited to announce that registration for Microblading/PMU course on August 13th -15th is now officially open. 
We are ready and well prepared to give you the most accurate information, and the newest and most advanced techniques. 
We are confident that our school is the best choice for you when it comes to the field of cosmetology. This is because our masters have many years of experience and are passionate about their teachings.

If you want to become a master yourself and have an exciting career in the beauty industry, we urge to CALL NOW at 404-788-2413 or at 404-644-9914 to register!!!

*** We value personal interaction between master and student, so space is limited!!!

***Please, see poster below for more details.

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